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In order to identify defects in a home that may have occurred during ownership, insurance inspections are essential. Additionally, warranty inspection services can save you time and money on costly repairs. I can assess your newly-built home and evaluate its condition.

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Having issues with your new build property can be disappointing once you have moved into your new home. Fortunately, if you have a builder’s warranty, you might be able to get the problem fixed! Performing a new home inspection is the first step. Landmark Inspection Services, LLC can get the job done for you! With my excellent warranty inspection service, I have helped numerous homeowners in The Colony, TX. Whether your home has existing or potential problems, you can rely on me to identify them for you. I’m a dependable real estate inspector in the area.

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Why Is a 1 Year New Home Warranty Inspection Important?

After the 11-month period after your home is built, you will need to get an inspection to ensure any issues are addressed while still covered by the builder’s warranty. Issues with the foundation, plumbing system, electrical system or other serious issues may become apparent as the property settles and is used. Identifying these issues at this point may be able to put the repair cost back on the builder instead of money leaving your pocket.

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When looking for property inspection companies in The Colony, TX, don’t settle for less than the best. I’m a dependable real estate inspector with a solid background in engineering. While I will not be performing engineering inspections, I will use this knowledge and experience to perform a better inspection for you.

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